Life comes fast. Transitions can be difficult and confusing.
What's Next is a special event for college age and young adults that
is designed to help them face some of the most difficult and confusing
times of their lives. This is a conversation based approach to help
them be better prepared to navigate the difficult path of adulthood
and also understand the DNA of spiritual formation that brings about
a deep, rich, and abundant life in Jesus Christ.

Event Details
    • August 9-10, 2019
    • Keynote Speaker: Heath Ferguson
    • Cost: $50 (Only $10 if you opt out of Top Golf...and you can still hang out with us there!)
    • Food (Light Choices Friday Evening, Lunch Saturday)
    • Top Golf Friday Night (two hours of unlimited play and a meal at TG)
    • Lunch Saturday ends event @ 12:30
    • Hosted by Cramerton Church

Conversations Include...
    • I'm Depressed...What's Next?" (Heath Ferguson)
        • How to recognize and deal with anxiety and depression.
        • Clinical depression and anxiety disorders have doubled in adolescents in the last decade. More than 80% goes untreated, resulting in an even higher rate in young adults (John Hopkins Health Review, Fall/Winter 2017, Vol. 4, II).
        • Small group discussions will follow this conversation starter by Heath Ferguson.
    • Saturday small group discussions. There will be three conversation starting presentations with small groups forming for meaningful interaction and discussion. Topics include:
        • "Engaging People with the Gospel" (Heath Ferguson - emphasis upon intentional relationships and gospel interaction)
        • "Having Strong Relationships as a Single Adult" (Marcos Osuna- being single is okay, the importance of meaningful relationships, and the opportunity for gospel impact)
        • "The DNA of Spiritual Growth" (Ron Davis - having a deep, rich relationship with Christ as a young adult and where you fit within the church today)
    • "What's Next?" (Heath Ferguson)
        • The significance of church community for spiritual growth and rich life in Christ.
        • Taking the next step in your community and relationships.

Schedule for What's Next
  • Friday
    • 6:30 - Hang Out/Check In
    • 7:15 - What's Next Welcome
    • 7:30 - I'm Depressed...What's Next? (Heath Ferguson)
    • 8:30 - Small Group Discussions
    • 9:30 - Leave for Top Golf (10:00-12:00)
  • Saturday
    • 9:30 - Conversation Starting Presentations (Heath Ferguson, Marcos Osuna, Ron Davis)
    • 10:00 - Small Groups from CSPs (choose your topic and join in the conversation)
    • 11:00 - What's Next? (Heath Ferguson)
    • 12:00 - Lunch
*Location: Building 2 (behind main church building) at Cramerton Church (Look for What's Next Signs) (432 Woodlawn Ave, Cramerton, NC 28032)

10026 Granite Trail Lane Charlotte, NC 28214 |  Phone: 919.815.1153