About Us

CORE Apologetics finds its locus almost 20 years ago when Ron watched a passionate follower of Christ walk away from the faith after attending only one semester at a local university. This experience never left his heart and mind while serving as an associate pastor. A few years after this event, Ron began serving as a college administrator and professor. His responsibilities led him to further his education and eventually began a PhD at Liberty University School of Divinity. While in the very beginning stages of this degree study, he encountered another young man very similar to the previous situation. Sitting in his office, he felt very unprepared to answer the difficult questions that were being brought to him by this young man. He was struggling with the reality of God, the teaching of Scripture concerning the person of Jesus Christ, and whether or not Christian theism was a viable worldview. As Ron began to research and prepare to help this young man, it became very evident that this problem was not just a anomaly; it was a national phenomenon. With a growing percentage of evangelical students walking away from the faith, Ron was moved to begin CORE Apologetics as an organization designed to engage the local church in providing a remedy for today's youth. CORE takes its name from the core event of all human history: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is this event upon which young people can anchor their faith in the the face of massive skepticism and intellectual challenges to the gospel. 1 Corinthians 15:14 states, "And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain" (ESV). In other words, Paul is stating: "If the resurrection is true, then it is all true." We echo this teaching and use it as the foundational approach to solving religious doubt, strengthening the faith of young people, training the minds of today's youth, and building their identity in Christ through the powerful truth of the resurrection. Our approach is based upon the Minimal Facts of the Resurrection developed by Dr. Gary Habermas. He is a dear friend, mentor and professor who has graciously given us permission to use his approach in the development of our teaching and counseling ministry.

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