What do you see?

I see the number 59...a number that represents the percentage of

young adults who do not attend church at all in America.

This has to stop, and we have made it our mission.

How can you help?


Core Apologetics is in desperate need of your prayers. The task of challenging young people to embrace, equip, and engage, is worthy of the time spent in prayer. Add Core to your daily prayers are we endeavor to lower the high rate of young people walking away from the faith.

Share The Content

Please take the opportunity to share the content that is included in this website and share it with the others in your life. The greatest story you have never heard does nothing for you...so...help us make sure the greatest truths are shared with those around you.


Your gift helps secure the future of Core Apologetics and will allow us to continue to offer free resources that will help, not only the young people, but churches and families for years to come. We can not exist without the help of those who share the burden to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus.

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