"I really want to read and study Scripture, but I have no idea where to start."

"I know that I need to read the Bible to be consistent in my walk with Christ, but every time I start, it only lasts for a few days."

"I have read verse after verse after verse, and I don't understand very much. Please help."

Does this sound like you? These are common themes among young people we interact with on a regular basis, and it is a huge reason as to why the CORE Journal method came into existence. We have been using this method with young people and adults in different parts of the world, and the results have been AMAZING!

The CORE Journal method is designed to help you:

    • engage Scripture in a way that is meaningful
    • easily follow a method for consistent engagement
    • provide specific themes that matter for young people
    • give quality information that puts the verses in the proper context (this makes it more meaningful and easier to understand)

We live in a very different America than our parents did (only a short 25-30 years ago). David Kinnaman of the Barna Research Group identifies three shifts that have drastically changed how we engage the Bible as followers of Christ:

  1. A steady rise of skepticism that has produced an unfriendly (and sometimes even hostile) attitude toward faith.
  2. The cultural adoption of self-fulfillment as the ultimate measure of what is right (morally good)
  3. The explosive growth of digital tools that provide unprecedented access to the Scriptures and study tools.
This information is from an article entitle, "Bible Engagement in a New World." Read the full article here.

At CORE Apologetics we whole-heartedly agree with this assessment, and the truth of these shifts in our culture have driven us to understand three things:
  1. Bible engagement has never been more important that it is right now.
  2. Young people need a trusted online source to reference as they engage Scripture.
  3. Young people need a plan to engage Scripture.

The CORE Journal is a biblical engagement method designed to help you consistently interact with Scripture in a way that allows you to "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:18).
Growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ will provide the foundation by which you will be able to stand firm in your faith in the age of skepticism and self-fulfillment that define our culture. You will be able to more strongly embrace your identity in Christ. You will equip your heart and mind for the cultural battle we face. You will be more courageous and obedient in engaging the culture with the gospel.

Engaging Scripture is THE MOST IMPORTANT element of your Christian walk!
After ten years of research, Scott McConnell, head of the research team at LifeWay, made the following conclusion: "Reading the Bible matters more than anything else" for spiritual growth. Read the entire article by Eric Geiger here. The magic number is four - four times a week. Back to the Bible researches Dr. Arnie Cole & Dr. Pamela Ovwigho surveyed over 200,000 people around the world and developed what they call "The Power of 4 Effect."  Christians who engage the Bible four or more times a week are:
  • 228% more likely to share faith with others
  • 407% more likely to memorize Scripture
  • 59% less likely to view pornography
  • 231% more likely to help others grow in their faith.

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